Open Source Storage Enterprise Features

The FreeNAS storage is open source and free. When you are ready to grow and expand, FreeNas can grow with you. Most of its enterprise features are free. Paid versions are available as your business needs change.

  • Support ZFS file system.
  • High availibilty  support.
  • Integration with cloud storage.
  • Supports inbuilt RAID with parity support, cronjobs, Smart tests.
  • Supports Directory services such as LDAP, NIS, NT4, Active Directory.
  • Supports NFS, FTP, SSH, CIFS, iSCSI Protocols.
  • Support for windows based file-system such as NTFS and FAT
  • Support for Apple based file-system such as AFS and time machine.
  • Periodic Snapshot and replication support, rsync.
  • VMware Snapshots on data-stores created on FreeNAS
  • Web interface with GUI and SSL.
  • Reporting systems such as email notification.
  • Disk Encryption and much more features are available.
  • Adding UPS for Backup power systems.
  • A Rich GUI graph reports for Memory, CPU, Storage, Network etc..